Student Ministry

Grade 6 - 12

Vision & Mission

Igniting Faith in A New Generation


9am and 11am
6th-8th grade
NextGen Center


Doors Open at 6:15pm
6th – 12th grade
NextGen Center



SM weekends in the NextGen Center
Students from 6th – 8th grade hear Bible-truth in a way that makes sense to them and that they can apply right now. Each service has time for connect groups, where they can ask questions, find answers, and build friendships. The NextGen gym and game room is open before and after every service so students can play basketball, volleyball, air hockey, and more with their friends.
Sundays – 9 and 11 am


Mid-Week Service in the NextGen Center
Wednesdays are a highlight of our students’ week and exist for those from 6th – 12th grade. The doors open at 6:15pm so students can build relationship and enjoy the gym and game room before service. At 7pm, service kicks-off with live worship, games, and a powerful Bible teaching just for students. Afterward, students engage in meaningful connect groups with peers and a group leader before enjoying more hang time with friends!
Wednesday at 7:00 PM

Connect Groups
Connect Groups

We believe that faith is lived out best in community. That’s why every week, we give students a chance to talk about what their learning with their peers and a group leader. Connect groups are places students explore God’s truth, ask questions, build friendships, and help empower others.


Hey students, take a break from your iPhone and Xbox for a sec . . . . We’ve got some sick 😊 events coming up that we think you’ll enjoy. Check out our social media to stay in the loop.

Pastor Geoffrey and Eden Graff

Welcome to our FFC Student Ministry page. We want you to know that…WE LOVE TEENAGERS!
At FFC Student Ministry, students feel loved and accepted while being challenged to live out their faith with boldness. Our mission is igniting faith in a new generation! We believe God created this generation “for such a time as this” so they can transform our world for Jesus!
Whether you’re a teenager interested in finding an exciting, passionate-for-Jesus environment where you can grow in God, or a parent who loves teenagers and wants to be a part of mentoring life change, we’d love to meet you! Join us at any of our service times in the NextGen Center.
Follow us on Facebook (@ FFC SM) and Instagram ( You don’t want to miss what we’ve got planned this year!