Legacy Builders


In 1965, a grandmother in Florida gathered her grandkids and put them on a special project. She felt she had received a message from God during the night to share His promises with others. And she had an idea of how to do it!
She told her grandkids to find empty bottles, corks, pens, and paper. For the next few hours, she wrote Scripture verses on paper while the grandkids bottled and corked them. They were like a well-oiled machine! When they had finished, they went out to the surf at Cocoa Beach in Florida and deposited 200 bottles, each one holding a Bible verse.
Throughout the next nine years, people contacted this grandmother and thanked her for the bottled blessing that carried inspiration inside.

The very last letter came just a month after she had passed away. It read:
Dear Mrs. Gauze,
I’m writing this letter by candlelight; we no longer have electricity on the farm. My husband was killed in the fall when a tractor overturned on him. He left eleven young children and myself behind. The bank is foreclosing. There’s one loaf of bread left. There’s snow on the ground and Christmas is just two weeks away. I prayed for forgiveness before I went to drown myself. The river has been frozen for weeks, so I didn’t think it would take long. But when I broke the ice, a coke bottle floated up. I opened the bottle with tears and trembling hands as I read all the Scriptures about hope you sent. I came home, read my Bible, and now I’m thanking God for your
message. We’re going to make it now. Please pray for us, but we’re all right.
May God bless you and yours,’
A farm in Ohio

This bottle made a nine-year journey from Cocoa Beach Florida to a river in Ohio. Not just any river but the right river, near the right farm, at the right time.
God went to great lengths to show this woman that He cared, and He’s gone to great lengths to show the world He cares too! He’s sent His Son to die, so we could have life. And what a joy to share this hope with those who are still destitute and in darkness. Thank you for allowing God to use you!
We’re grateful for all the bottles of hope you’ve helped deposit in the sea of people through the years. And we look forward
to another year of sharing our love, prayers, and resources to make an eternal difference here and across the world.


“You’re really smart.” A FFC nextgen leader said this in a casual conversation with a student. The student silently took the compliment.

The leader didn’t know it, but this student’s educational background was different than most. He hadn’t had opportunity for an institutional education. At eighteen, he faced the workforce and his future with little academic history and no high school degree.

But, as He so often does, the Holy Spirit used the leader’s simple statement to plant a seed.

Carrying those words, the student decided to test for the GED. He passed, and one step led to another. Soon he had secured a job that seemed out of reach months earlier.

Before long, his boss noticed him and gave the same compliment – “You’re really smart.” Perhaps the student smiled, knowing it wasn’t the first time he’d heard it. But he couldn’t expect what was to come. As he worked hard, stayed faithful, and gained favor, the company offered to finance his goals. They were going to pay for him to go to college and pursue his bachelor’s degree.

The student went to the ministry leader, this time in tears. He said, “You didn’t know my story, but I never was able to get a high school degree. When you told me I was smart, something went off in me. I thought, ‘Maybe I am smart.’”

He then shared the journey from his GED to his job and now college pursuit.

The leader was overjoyed and a little shocked. He celebrated the unmatched reward of serving God to love and empower the next generation.

This is only one story of hundreds that could be told of babies, kids, and students being impacted by the love of the NextGen team. Lives truly are changing, as young people learn God’s Word, form godly friendships, and grow in environments of nurture.

We’re so grateful and excited for the ministry that will continue this year through Spirit-filed services, exciting events, summer camps, and so much more.

This year, a brand-new discipleship initiative has also launched in ffcKids called Kids4Truth. The initiative guides children on a journey so that, when they enter adolescence, they not only know what they believe but why. (Think of it like apologetics for kids!) You can find details at myffc.com/Kids4Truth.

To those who serve, give, pray, and lead – thank you for nurturing the faith and potential of our next generation. The future of God’s Church is bright!


– JOEL 1:3

Spark Kids Camp

We can’t wait for our annual SPARK Kids Camp! Every year, our ffckids hear Bible messages that make God real; form life-giving friendships; and enjoy team competitions and CRAZY games! This will be an unforgettable
week in every child’s summer, as we continue building Godly foundations for incredible futures!

Fast Facts:
Who: 1st – 6th grades
Where: Camp Zephyr in Sandia, Texas
When: May 27th – June 30st, 2024
How Much: $235 per student sponsored
Keyword: KIDS

Ignite Youth Camp

Ignite Summer Camp has always been a highlight for our students at Faith Family! Ignite is one way our students encounter God through Spirit-filled worship services, teaching, and ministry geared toward teenagers. They also have incredible fun through team competitions and games that leave them with lasting memories. Ignite is a great place for teens to experience God in a fresh way and develop lasting friendships!

Fast Facts:
Who: 6th – 12th grade students
Where: Camp Zephyr in Sandia, Texas
When: May 27th-31st, 2024
How Much: $290 per child sponsored
Keyword: YOUTH


- Mother Teresa

In 2017, a beach picnic took an unexpected turn. A young couple was vacationing with family on Panama City Beach. They decided to take their nieces out for a final swim.

They soon noticed commotion a distance away. “Must be a shark. Time to get out.”, these avid swimmers and beach dwellers said. But then they heard yelling, “Help, they can’t get out!”

Suddenly, the husband realized it wasn’t a shark. It was a riptide; and there were nine people stuck, with no way out.

The lifeguards had left for the day. Without help, these people were likely going to lose their lives.

The wife thought back to her own experience with unexpected loss. Her husband, a healthy, God-loving man went to the hospital with what was diagnosed as bronchitis. It turned out to be sepsis and, a short time later, this 23-year-old widow looked down at the body of her lifeless husband. In the days that followed, she received calls from her husband’s co-workers daily. They cared for her, checked on her, made sure she was getting out of bed – and one eventually became her second husband.

“What saved me”, she said, “was our community.”

The remembrance of her unexpected loss sprung her into action. She felt God had put thesepeople in her path; and this was her chance to return the life-saving power of community.

She and her husband began positioning volunteers into a giant human chain. Before the day ended, all nine people caught in the riptide were saved. A nearly tragic day on the Panama Beach was reversed by the power of community in action.

This story, though amazing and inspiring, is not necessarily a call to put oneself in harm’s way. In matters of crisis, wisdom; personal conviction; and God’s Spirit are often our surest guides.

But this story is a beautiful reminder of the power of a people with arms locked and eyes fixed on a common mission.

No one person could have made the rescue that day. The task was too great. But every person – from those in the chain, to those praying on shore, to those calling for back-up – had the opportunity to do something.

As a church Family, we are so thankful for the lives that have been saved, redeemed, and restored because of a people with locked arms and fixed eyes. Christ’s mission to seek and save the lost, to release captives, to heal the sick, and to resource the poor is one we are all invited to.

Whatever role you play, thank you for engaging in missions on behalf of a community. Thank you for linking arms and hearts for purposes that matter, not just now but for all eternity.

Legacy Scholarship

Every year this financial scholarship goes to a student who is diligent and dedicated to furthering their education. Through it, students are empowered to pursue a college education and further their dreams toward their degree and profession.

Fast Facts:
Who: High School Seniors
Where: Faith Family Church
When: June 2024
How Much: $1,000

Pack the Bus

Pack the Bus is a community-wide effort to provide school supplies to hundreds of VISD children in need. Our dream team gathers to help sort, pack, and distribute school supplies to our VISD students. We are grateful
for the generosity of our church family as well as our community partners who help make this project possible. We love seeing smiles on faces as students step confidently into their new school year.

Fast Facts:
Who: Area Students
Where: FFC NextGEN Center
When: August 2024
How Much: $20-$25 per student
Keyword: BUS

Single Parent Blessing

Giving is what Christmas is all about. That’s why we enjoy celebrating some extremely deserving people during the holiday season: our single parents! We’re grateful for the gift they and their children are to our church family and look forward to helping them have a Merry Christmas!

Fast Facts:
Who: Single Parents
Where: Faith Family Church
When: December 2023
How Much: $7500/150 parents
Keyword: PARENTS

Victoria House of Palms Phased-In

Victoria House of Palms was recently invited to come under the leadership of an organization called Phased IN. Phased IN is a transitional living program for

young women in foster families who have phased out of the system. We will assist these young adults in learning basic life skills that will prepare them to live successfully as independents. VHOP Phased IN will provide housing, education, medical care, and life skills training. They will also have a combined partnership with Faith Family Church, the community, and the State of Texas. VHOP Phased IN will give us the opportunity to embrace these youth who were never adopted and help them become self-sufficient so they live strong and stable lives. FFC is so excited about helping provide a family for these young ladies to launch life from.

Our goal is for all of the youth we serve to know they are INvited and INcluded at our campuses. We will INvest our resources, commit to being INvolved, and use our INfluence to INspire change in the lives of those most vulnerable.

“Growing up, people use to always ask me what I wish for, and one of those wishes was to find a family that I could always count on. To be there for me for anything at all and not judge me for my life decisions. God granted me that wish by introducing me to you and your family.” VICTORIA HOUSE OF PALMS

Fast Facts:
Who: Young Women (Including expectant Moms) who have aged out of the foster care system

When: Dec 2023 – Dec 2024
How Much: $50,000 for Staff
Keyword: VHOP

Faith Academy Christian School

The Faith Academy Annual Legacy Goal is $150,000.
Faith Academy is a Faith Family Church ministry that has been effectively educating students for over four decades. It is a fully accredited private Christian school with programs ranging from daycare to twelfth grade.

Faith Academy is devoted to partnering with families to provide a biblically based education in a wholesome, Christ-centered environment. Students are academically challenged while also having the choice to participate in a variety of extracurricular and enrichment programs. Faith Academy is fortunate to have a caring and knowledgeable faculty who set the tone for students to form positive friendships and strengthen their faith. We are eager to assist in nurturing and educating the next generation to become everything that God intended them to be!

Below are two specific areas where your donations can have a direct influence on important
initiatives for our students and teachers.

  • Tuition Assistance Goal $15,000

This project will help provide partial, needs-based tuition assistance for more than 10 students! With the help of the Legacy Campaign, Faith Academy will be empowered to better embrace the value of community and promote a diverse socioeconomic and cultural community.

  • Teacher Sustainability Goal $135,000

Enhancing the faculty compensation model rewards educators with advanced degrees and relevant certifications by increasing their salaries and insurance benefits to an acceptable level. With the assistance of generous donations, we can continue putting Faith Academy into a competitive market, allowing our community to retain and hire the greatest Christian professional educators.

Fast Facts:
Who: Students of the Crossroads area and FA Teachers
When: August 2023- May 2024
Where: Faith Academy
How Much: $150,000 of fund- raising needs per year
Keyword: FA

The Plan to Expand!

Plans are in the works to build an education center that will serve our small groups and bring the Faith Academy secondary campus to the main campus. This has been a long-time desire in the hearts of many of us and we’re excited that it’s on the horizon. The project will allow us to build a building for 6th-12th graders,
bringing the whole Faith Academy family to one place, as students K3-12th are educated and prepared for a bright future in God.

Fast Facts:
Who: Spanish-speaking friends and teens
When: Dec 2023 – May 2024
Where: Faith Family Church
How Much: 1,000,000
Keyword: CAMPUS

Angel Tree

Every year, children in our area experience Christmas while a parent or guardian is in- carcerated. At Christmas, the difficulty of this reality is felt even more, by children and parents alike. Angel Tree gives incarcerated parents a way to provide a Christmas gift and a personal message to their children as a tangible representation of their love. Join us in ministering to families in our community by helping provide a Christmas gift to a child in need.

Fast Facts:
Who: Children of all Ages
Where: Faith Family Church
When: November 1 – December 10th,2023
How Much: $30 per Child
Keyword: ANGEL

Significant Church Leaders Retreat
The Significant Church Network was founded by Pastor Jim to celebrate the significance of churches in America’s smaller cities and towns by offering support and encouragement to their hard-working ministry leaders. One way we do this is through our SCN Leaders Retreat. Once a year, pastors from all over our nation and beyond gather at the SCN Leaders Retreat to learn best practices, build ministry friendships, and enjoy a special time of rest and rejuvenation. Entrance into the retreat is offered to pastors entirely free and includes catered meals, sessions with proven leaders, ministry resources, and more. If you’d like to help sponsor a pastor to attend the retreat, you can do so by giving to this project. Thank you for your heart to support those laboring well in overlooked places.
Fast Facts:
Who: Pastors (In America’s smaller cities and towns)
When: January 29th – 31st 2024
Where: The Woodlands Resort in The Woodlands, TX
How Much: $500 per pastor
Keyword: SCN
El Roi Community Outreach

El Roi is a local non-profit organization that helps those in our community struggling with homelessness, addiction, and hunger. Their on-campus food pantry for children helps sup- ply free food for VISD children at no cost. Those struggling with homelessness can receive free meals and hygiene packages that supply them vital necessities for two weeks. They offer transportation to rehabilitation facilities for those struggling with addiction, when they are ready to receive help.

Fast Facts:
Who: Those Who are Homeless
When: All Throughout the year
Where: Victoria, Tx
How Much: $25,000 to renovate bus that serve as care units for the homeless


Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days. Ecclesiastes 11:1

A story is told of a young couple who traveled from America with their young son to serve as missionaries to Africa. As a family, they would visit the different villages on market days and share the gospel with the people.

Their son struck up a friendship with another young African boy. They’d hang out
together, and he’d often go along with the family to the villages. He would help them set up the sound system, so they could preach to the people.

After a few years, the couple returned home to the states. They were discouraged because of their seemingly lack of fruit through their ministry in Africa.

But many years later, they received some exciting news – a revival was sweeping
through the nation where they’d ministered. They were overjoyed! As they read
about those leading this revival, they recognized one name. It was the name of their son’s friend who’d assisted them in their outreaches to the villages.

Those gospel seeds they sowed took root in this young boy’s heart. And now God
was using him to help change his nation! When we “cast our bread” we are sure to see a return – sometimes here but always in Heaven! God is faithful to bring fruit from our continued faithfulness.

For the past thirty years, we have “cast our bread,” into the sea of the unreached and overlooked in our world. We’ve targeted the villages of India along with the Arab world and faithfully resourced missionaries who have planted churches. We’ve also “cast our bread” to help those enslaved in some of the most dark and dangerous places in our world.

And we are seeing fruit!

To date, 540 churches have been planted and 21,258 people have become believers in the state of Madhya Pradesh India. This state alone has 9 ó percent of the world’s unreached population. And among the Abaza people in Russia, over 36,000 house churches were planted with 727, 549 new believers. Praise God!

And to those enslaved through prostitution or taken as child brides and Isis soldiers – freedom has come! Children are being rescued, and their lives are being rehabilitated through the love and nurture of Christian families!

Currently our India House of Palms has 86 children who are being discipled and educated for a respectable future. And just forty miles away, another House of Palms Campus is in progress with a summer 2023 completion date. Over a hundred more Banchada children can be housed here. And there’s already a waiting list!

The enemy’s work is being broken one child at a time! These children aren’t just surviving – they’re thriving! And it’s all because of the prayers and support of our
church family and others!

This year, we have a chance to support a church plant among another unreached region of India. It’s near the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh India. Missionaries are ready to reach people who gather there; and, through them, reach those who have no Christian witness.”

Faith Family will also partner with others to help the Ukrainian people as well as those devastated by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. We’ll also have a part in
purchasing Bibles for the Jewish military.

God has given us wonderful and trustworthy partnerships to help us, “cast our
bread” effectively as a church.

Thank you, Faith Family, for continuing to bring hope to a desperate world! Heaven records and rewards what’s done for God here on earth. And what a joy to get to do this together!

India House of Palms

For almost a decade now, we have had the privilege of watching God redeem a community that’s been steeped in prostitution for over 500 years. Currently, 86 children from this Banchada community reside at our India House of Palms campus. Here they are cared for, discipled, and receive a first class education. Several of these young men and women have gone on to graduate and begin a successful career. We’re grateful for the pastors and House of Palms staff that are dedicated to loving and helping these children find a meaningful and purpose filled life in Jesus.

And we are thrilled that another House of Palms Campus is going up right now in the nearby city of Mansaur. It will house another 100 Banchada children. This second campus was started by the past and present generosity of Faith Family Legacy campaign and Victory Family Church who together gave $280,000. And we’re believing for the remaining $235,000 to complete it.

On this same campus is a beautiful dorm serving children provided by Teen Challenge of India. The Banchada children have the first opportunity ever to have a solid education and bright future. What a beautiful story is being written!

Thank you church family for making a forever difference in the lives of these precious children. We’re grateful for your sacrifice and generosity! Scripture says, we don’t give up a cup of cold water to a little one without a reward. We’ll rejoice for eternity over what’s been done here!

Fast Facts:
Who: Banchada Children
What: IHOP Campus – Mandsaur
Where: Mandsaur -Madyha Pradesh, India
How much: $235,000
Keyword: IHOP

Bibles for Jewish Believers

The gospel is penetrating the Israeli military like never before. Young Israelis who are strong followers of Yeshua (Jesus) are standing firm in their faith during their time of military service. These Messianic Believers are now recognized by their superiors for their dedication, hard work, and talent. Empower Ministries is co-publishing a full camouflage Bible in Hebrew—the first ever in Israel’s history— specifically for Israeli young people going into military service. It will also be available to others searching for answers about the promised Messiah.

Fast Facts:
Who: Israeli military
Where: Israel
What: Camouflage Bible in Hebrew
How Much: $5.00 per Bible
Keyword: BIBLES

Madhya Pradesh Project

Through Run Ministries, we have a chance to fund a Bible translation in which is in the state of Madhya Pradesh India. This state alone contains 9 1⁄2 percent of the world’s unreached population. But that’s changing! There are courageous missionaries ready to take the gospel to this region and plant churches where they’ve never existed be- fore. Through our prayers and resources, we can help the light of the gospel reach this dark region. And see much fruit for eternity!

Fast Facts:
Who: Unreached in India
When: Jan-Dec 2024
Where: Indore, Madhya Pradesh India
How Much: $50,000
Keyword: RUN

Tool Kits for Missionaries

Often the missionaries we support among India’s unreached travel to remote villages to share Christ. Here they don’t have access to electricity and other basic needs. Sometimes they will sleep outside in a dark village or spend the night in a school, bus station or an- other public place. And winters are very cold here. This Christmas, we want to help make the lives of these courageous men and women a little easier. We would like to gift each pas- tor with a mission tool kit. Each of these backpacks will contain a flashlight, water flask, power bank, sleeping bag and first aid kit. They will be able to take this wherever they minister and be more comfortable. What a great opportunity to bless them this Christmas season!

Fast Facts:
Who: India Missionaries
When: December 2023
Where: Madhya Pradesh, India
How Much: 40.00 per backpack
Keyword: Backpacks

Missions Testimony
Missions Testimony

Khushi Sonu Chouhand comes from the Banchada community in the city of Neemuch. Khushi’s mother was a sex worker and conceived her through one of her customers. Khushi’s father left the family, and her mother continued in sex work. Before Khushi turned 12 and would enter prostitution, she was rescued through the House of Palms. Khushi has been there for five years now and is enjoying the godly environment and growing in her walk with God. She is currently in 5th grade and doing well in school. Khushi has a dream of becoming a doctor one day.

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