Kids 4 Truth

Kids4Truth trains kids in twelve doctrinal themes covered in scripture.

Kids4Truth awards kids for memorizing truths and scripture from God's Word.

Level 1: Discoverers
Level 1: Discoverers

Grade Level: Level 1 – Kinder

Theme: Discoverers

Focus: Exploring what God says is true.

Patch Awards: Compass, lock, path

Level 2: Developers
Level 2: Developers

Grade Level: Level 2 – 1st & 2nd

Theme: Developers

Focus: Building upon the right foundation.

Patch Awards: Bulldozer, saw, hammer

Level 3: Detectives
Level 3: Detectives

Grade Level: Level 3 – 3rd & 4th

Theme: Detectives

Focus: Learning to detect the truth.

Patch Awards: Sleuth, fingerprint, magnifying glass

Level 4: Defenders
Level 4: Defenders

Grade Level: Level 4 – 5th grade

Theme: Defenders

Focus: Learning to defend the faith.

Patch Awards: Sword, shield