Pay it forward - maybe you’ve experienced it like I have, in the Starbucks line – it’s always such a nice surprise and a reminder
that somebody is thinking beyond themselves. They’re not just wanting to enjoy their blessing - but to help somebody else
enjoy blessing too! That brings joy to everyone’s heart – including God’s – especially when it’s done by His children.

Cornelius was a man in scripture who lived a life of paying it forward. He was always doing good things for others. Acts chapter
10 speaks of how the prayers and alms of Cornelius came up as a memorial before the Lord. Cornelius was a man that was
generous with both his prayers and his gifts of compassion toward those in need. And for that, he was remembered – not only
by others but by God Himself! It must have felt great for Cornelius to know that what he did mattered to God.

But, that wasn’t the end of the story. As the Apostle Peter prayed one day, God made it clear that He wanted to return the
favor and bless Cornelius and his family in a special way. God sent Peter on a specific mission to make Cornelius aware of
that. And Cornelius joyously received the supernatural favor and grace gifted to him by God.

Jesus is always pleased when we compassionately help change other’s situation for the better. Whether we supply the resources
necessary to meet the needs of a child, or strengthen those who are struggling, or help an unreached village hear
the gospel for the first time – it ALL matters to God. He cares about people’s needs and promises to bless those who do
something about them. (2 Cor. 9:8)

So Faith Family, thank you for paying it forward this year! Let’s live with generous hearts and shine God’s love and light to
those needing it in a special way. As we do, we’ll find we are leaving a legacy that lives on!


At only 15-24-years-old, Generation Z has lived to see...
  • The first global pandemic of our lifetime - Incredible political divide
  • Riots and unrest
  • Social media at an all-time high
  • Authentic connection at an all-time low

These realities are not easy for anyone and cer- tainly not for those still developing into adulthood. Researchers have identified unhealthy level of de- pression and anxiety.

Of course, the answer is Bible truth. Yet one well-re- spected youth data sight stated only, “4% of Gen. Z have a Christian worldview.”

Thankfully, culture is not the only influencer mak- ing an impact on our kids. According to a recent study by Pew Research, parents remain the big- gest influencer of their children’s lives.

That’s why, at Faith Family, we partner with you in practical ways to provide ministry geared specifi- cally to our children, students, and young adults. Our desire is to create opportunities and environ- ments where they are loved, celebrated, connect- ed, and growing in authentic relationship with God and others. And where they can have a TON of fun doing it!
We do this through our weekly services, connect groups and regular events. In addition, we’ve cre- ated our first free parent resource, The Bridge, de- signed to help bridge the gap between church and
home. The resource provides guided devotionals and weekly encouragements aimed at culturally hot topics that help parents connect with and dis- ciple their kids.

We also do this through our annual Spark Kids Camp and Ignite Youth Camp, which have become highlights of our kids and students summer. You can find out more about these in the Fast Facts below!

As we enter this season, we’re expectant for what God has ahead for our kids and students; and we are thankful to be carrying out ministry with people who believe in and invest in them so well. Thanks for turning your heart to our young people so that we can see curses lifted and
blessing released!

Spark Kids Camp

Our kids can’t wait to make incredibly fun memories and experience powerful moments with Jesus at this year’s SPARK Kids Camp. Our theme is “BUILT: Made to Stand Strong”, where our kids will discover the nuts and bolts of what it takes to actually be a mighty kid of God. We’re so excited about this spe- cial week that is sure to be full of life-long memories as we continue to build Godly foundations for in- credible futures in the lives of our next generation.
Fast Facts:
Who: 1st - 6th grades
Where: Camp Zephyr in Sandia, Texas
When: July 21st - 24th, 2021
How Much: $220 per student sponsored
Keyword: KIDS

Ignite Youth Camp

Ignite Summer Camp has always been a highlight for our students at Faith Family! Here, our students have an opportunity to encounter God through our camp services with Spirit-filled worship and ministry geared toward teenagers. They’ll also have incred- ible fun through team competitions, games and late night Ignite— the final talent show night that’s always a blast. Ignite is a great place for teens to develop lasting friend-ships and experience God in a fresh way!
Fast Facts:
Who: 6th – 12th grade students
Where: Camp Zephyr in Sandia, Texas
When: July 21st - 25th, 2021
How Much: $275 per child sponsored
Keyword: YOUTH


“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” -Coretta Scott King

There are many times in scrip- ture where we read about the compassion of Jesus moving Him to action - to heal, to feed, to pray, to save - to help those in need. He modeled ministry to others like no one else. What’s interesting, though, is that much of His ministry was not done in the four walls of a church build- ing. In fact, the Gospels show that 90% of His ministry actually happened outside the church—in the marketplace; on the streets; at weddings; among fishermen, tax collectors, the poor and the sick. Although He certainly min- istered within the temple, His primary ministry was outside its walls. He modeled a ministry that moved toward people; and as His church, we’re passionate about doing the same.

Every year we have the privilege of organizing and participating in events that honor and serve various groups within our com- munity. From first responders and nursing home residents to school students and single par- ents, our heart is to move toward our community with compassion, sharing the love of Jesus.
Last year alone, we had the op- portunity to provide school sup- plies for hundreds of impoverished students. By God’s grace, we also furnished and opened our Victoria House of Palms (VHOP) - a place where expect- ant teenage mothers will find love and support while being nurtured in Christ, continuing their education and caring for their children.
This year, we hope you’ll check out the various ways you can show love to our community. See where and to whom the compas- sion of Jesus may lead you.
We know that none of us can do everything; but when we all do our small part, we give Jesus the ability to do something BIG among us.

Pack the Bus

Pack the Bus is a community–wide effort to provide school supplies to over a thousand VISD children in need. Our dream team gathers to assist in school supply drives - sorting, packing and giving away school supplies to our VISD students. We are grate- ful for the generosity of our church family as well as our community partners who help make this project possible. We love seeing the smiles on faces as we care by helping our students have what they need to embark on a successful new school year.
Fast Facts:
Who: Area Students
When: July 2021
Where: Faith Family Church NextGen Center How much: $15.00 per student

Cash for Single Parents

Giving is what Christmas is all about, and that’s why we enjoy blessing some extremely deserving people during the holiday season: our single par- ents. We understand they carry a heavy load, and we want to help lighten it by sharing what we have. We’re grateful for the gift they and their children are to our church family and look forward to help- ing them have a Merry Christmas.
Fast Facts:
Who: Single parents
When: December 2021
Where: Faith Family Church
How Much: $50.00 per single parent
Keyword: PARENTS

Legacy Scholarship

Every year we like to provide this financial schol- arship to a student who is diligent and dedicated to furthering their education following high school. We know higher education is not cheap and want to applaud and support the efforts of students who are working toward a degree and profession .
Fast Facts:
Who: High School Seniors When: June 2021
Where: Faith Family Church
How much: $1,000

House of Palms Victoria

Have you ever encountered an unplanned event you weren’t sure how to navigate? It can be scary! When it comes to unplanned pregnancy, the ques- tions new mother’s face are not only pressing but pivotal. Their effects are far-reaching, both for mother’s and their little ones.

At VHOP, we exist to help new mother’s navigate unplanned pregnancy within a community of love, support, and godly wisdom. Once received, we provide FREE shelter, food and a faith-based pro- gram, while encouraging women to continue their education or job training while working towards a brighter future.

This year, we are SO excited to partner with the Baby Bottle Campaign, to help serve these women even better.

Through this campaign, VHOP will provide coun- seling, pregnancy testing, a Sexual Integrity pro- gram, parenting, budgeting, nutrition courses and more, along with financial assistance.

Being a part is fun...and easy! Simply grab a bottle; and fill it with spare change, cash, or a check. No amount is too small. Thank you for being a part of nurturing life and purpose for mother’s and their babies!
Fast Facts:
Who: Expectant mothers in our community
When: May 2nd, 2021 - June 20th, 2021
Where: House of Palms - Victoria, Texas
How Much: $150,000 staff and support

Faith Academy Christian School

Faith Academy is a ministry of Faith Family Church and has been successfully educating students for over 30 years. It is a fully-accredited private Chris- tian school offering classes from preschool to 12th grade. Faith Academy is committed to partnering with families to provide a biblically-based educa- tion in a wholesome, Christ-centered environment. Students are not only challenged academically, but they can also enjoy participating in a number of ex- tracurricular activities. Faith Academy is blessed to have a caring and quality faculty who set the tone for students to build positive friendships and deep- en their faith. We are excited about helping to nur- ture and educate this next generation to become all God designed them to be!
Fast Facts:
Who: Students of the Crossroads area
When: August - May 2021
Where: Faith Academy
How Much: $125,000 of fundraising needs
per year


How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?
Romans 10:14-15

Currently, over 40% of the world’s eth- nic people groups are still unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This means that there is no Christian church or witness among people who share the same language, culture and religion capable of reaching them.

That’s why for 30 years, Faith Family has targeted this unreached population with our prayers, support and resourc- es. Most of our efforts have been in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India which contains 9.5 percent of the world’s unreached people groups in that one state alone.

As a church family, we have supported many Indian missionaries who work to penetrate and plant churches among these overlooked villages. And the success has been thrilling! Many of these villages now have strong, vibrant churches and believers that are multi- plying themselves in other unreached areas.

One of these people groups is the Ban- chada – who we’ve had a part in res- cuing from a 500-year history of prosti- tution. As of now there are 86 children and teenagers in our Neemuch House of Palms campus who are being disci- pled and educated for a new future.

And still, there are many on the waiting list. But there’s good news - we have another House of Palms going up now on a new campus just 40 miles from the existing one in the city of Mandsaur. It will house 100 more banchada children.
Faith Family contributed 1/3 of the funds for the home; another 1/3 was raised from outside our church; and the remaining 1/3 will be raised within India.

Also, several years ago, a beautiful ele- mentary and high school were built on this campus, by a generous organiza- tion. The banchada children now have a chance to get a first class education. God has multiplied our efforts in amaz- ing ways. It’s a beautiful thing to watch God rewrite stories and change the destiny of these precious lives.

Then this summer, we are excited to be taking a team to the Dream Center in Los Angeles, California. They will be ministering God’s love to many who are homeless and hurting.

We’re honored that God has called us and given us influence to be able to make a difference in in our region and beyond. The scripture reminds us, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! Romans 10:15

Thank you, Faith Family for partnering with us to make something beauti- ful happen for eternity. We will rejoice forever over the lives that have been saved and changed by the good news of the gospel.

Bibles for Jewish Believers

The Gospel is penetrating the Israeli military like never before. Young Israelis who are strong follow- ers of Yeshua (Jesus) are standing firm in their faith during their time of military service. These messi- anic believers are now recognized by their supe- riors for their dedication, hard work, and talent. Empower is co-publishing a full camouflage Bible in Hebrew—the first ever in Israel’s history—spe- cifically for Israeli young people going into military service. It will also be available to others searching for answers about the promised Messiah.
Fast Facts:
Who: Israeli military
Where: Israel
What: Camouflage Bible in Hebrew
How Much: $5.00 per Bible
Keyword: BIBLE

House of Palms India

Several years ago, eight acres of land was pur- chased for a second House of Palms campus to be built. This land is in the city of Mandsaur, just 40 miles from our existing House of Palms campus in Neemuch.

We now have a beautiful elementary and high school building on this campus built by another generous organization World Help. This means that potentially 148 children now get a quality education at no charge while 100 students from nearby com- munities pay to attend.

Many of the Banchada children in this area are on a waiting list to get into our House of Palms. These young women and their brothers are still living in homes where prostitution is the sole income for their families and has been for 500 years.

But there’s good news! The money that has been raised through our past Legacy Builders campaign, coupled with generous gifts form two other organi- zations, (Victory Family Church and Teen Challenge India), has enabled two dorms to be built on this Mandsaur campus. These young Banchada chil- dren will be cared for, discipled and educated for success. What a blessing!

However, support is needed for the 100 children who will be living in these new dorms before we re- ceive them. The complexity of community relations in this part of the world makes this necessary. Sup- port for the children includes food, clothing, care and education.

Faith Family, God has blessed our efforts and con- tinues to multiply what we’ve given him! Thank you for giving God what is needed to bring freedom and fruitfulness into the lives of these precious children.
Fast Facts:
Who: Banchada Children
What: HOP – Mandsaur
Where: Mandsaur- MP India
How much: $50 per month/$600 per year, per child
Keyword: IHOP3

Orphans of War in Middle East

RUN Ministries has rescued, sheltered, and offered hope to 660,000 children from Iraq and Syria. Ministry teams are providing food, shelter and aid while sharing their faith in Christ. RUN Ministries is a USA-based charity with a passion for global holis- tic transformation and exists to Reach Unreached Nations (RUN) of the world. In partnering with RUN ministries, we are able to help RESCUE people from the evils of slavery and Islamic radicalization, EM- POWER leaders with training and tools, and GROW move- ments that impact their world for good.
Fast Facts:
Where: Arab world
Keyword: RUN


AGE:  7 years
NEXT OF KIN: Siblings

You can give to any of these projects here. Remeber to use the key word to designate your gift to the project of your choice