Pay it forward - maybe you’ve experienced it like I have, in the Starbucks line – it’s always such a nice surprise and a reminder
that somebody is thinking beyond themselves. They’re not just wanting to enjoy their blessing - but to help somebody else
enjoy blessing too! That brings joy to everyone’s heart – including God’s – especially when it’s done by His children.

Cornelius was a man in scripture who lived a life of paying it forward. He was always doing good things for others. Acts chapter
10 speaks of how the prayers and alms of Cornelius came up as a memorial before the Lord. Cornelius was a man that was
generous with both his prayers and his gifts of compassion toward those in need. And for that, he was remembered – not only
by others but by God Himself! It must have felt great for Cornelius to know that what he did mattered to God.

But, that wasn’t the end of the story. As the Apostle Peter prayed one day, God made it clear that He wanted to return the
favor and bless Cornelius and his family in a special way. God sent Peter on a specific mission to make Cornelius aware of
that. And Cornelius joyously received the supernatural favor and grace gifted to him by God.

Jesus is always pleased when we compassionately help change other’s situation for the better. Whether we supply the resources
necessary to meet the needs of a child, or strengthen those who are struggling, or help an unreached village hear
the gospel for the first time – it ALL matters to God. He cares about people’s needs and promises to bless those who do
something about them. (2 Cor. 9:8)

So Faith Family, thank you for paying it forward this year! Let’s live with generous hearts and shine God’s love and light to
those needing it in a special way. As we do, we’ll find we are leaving a legacy that lives on!


Christ has no body now but yours, No hands, no feet on earth but yours,
Yours are the eyes with which he looks compassion on this world.
- St Teresa of Avila

Jesus modeled ministry to others like no one else. The Gospels are filled with stories of how his compassion, love and truth brought healing and help to those around him. What’s interesting, though, is that much of his ministry was not done in the four walls of a church building.
In fact, the Gospels show that 90% of his ministry actually happened outside the church—in the marketplace, on the streets, at weddings; among fishermen, tax collectors, the poor and the sick.

He modeled a ministry that went to where the people were. And as His church, we’re passionate about doing the same.

Every year we have the privilege of organizing events to honor and meet the needs of various groups within our community. From first responders and nursing home residents to school students and single parents, our heart is to touch every sector of our community
with the love of Jesus. 
Last year alone, we had the opportunity
to honor hundreds of our first responders; and celebrate the completion of
our Victoria House of Palms (VHOP), a place where expectant teenage mothers will find love and support while being
nurtured in Christ, continuing their education and caring for their children.

We hope you’ll take a second to check out the projects we have going on this year and let God stir your heart for how you may be able to be His hands, feet, and heart to our community this year.
We know that none of us can do everything; but when we all do our small part,
we give Jesus the ability to do something BIG within our community.

Pack the Bus

Pack the Bus is a community–wide effort to provide backpacks and school supplies to 3,400 VISD children in need.
Every summer, our dream team gathers to assist in school supply drives and sort, pack and give away backpacks to
our VISD students. We’re grateful for the generosity of our church family as well as our community partners who help
make this project possible. We love seeing the smiles on faces as we care by helping our students have what they need
to embark on a successful new school year.
Fast Facts:
Who: Area Students
When: July
Where: Faith Family Church Connection Center
How much: $60.00 per backpack with school supplies
Keyword: Backpacks

Cash for Single Parents

Giving is what Christmas is all about, and that’s why we enjoy blessing some extremely deserving people during the holiday season: our single parents. We understand they carry a heavy load, and we want to help lighten it by sharing what we have. We’re grateful for the gift they and their children are to our church family and look forward to helping them have a Merry Christmas.
Fast Facts:
Who: Single parents
When: December
Where: Faith Family Church
How Much: $50.00 per single parent
Keyword: Parents

First Responders Honor Banquet

One of the highlights of Serve Weekend at Faith Family is honoring our First Responders for all they do to protect and care
for our community. Along with a wonderful meal, there is always live music, door prizes, raffle giveaways and an encouraging
word from our special guest speaker. We want the men and women in our Police Department, Sheriff’s office and Fire
and Public Safety departments to know how much we appreciate all they do for us and those we love. The honor banquet
has continually been a meaningful event for our community.
Fast Facts:
Who: First Responders
When: Yearly During Serve Weekend
Where: Faith Family Church Connection Center
How Much: $8,000
Keyword: Honor

House of Palms Victoria

Victoria House of Palms was birthed in our community out of our desire to minister to the next generation and the generation after. Statistics show that an average of fifty young girls in Victoria Independent School District become pregnant each year, which often results in subsequent homelessness and poverty for them and their baby. Through VHOP our mission, vision, and values focus on initiating a better life for both these mothers and babies by helping halt the generational continuation of teen pregnancy.

Our goal is to offer a first – class residential maternity scholarship program for young ladies who commit to a faith-based program of self-improvement, self-sustainment, and the protection of themselves and their little ones.

VHOP will offer each mother shelter, sustainment, and a nurturing environment for their children, as well as academic
assistance and structure so that they’re able to attain a high school diploma and, potentially, further their education!
We are grateful and excited for what has begun and is continuing to develop through our VHOP program! We look
forward to seeing stories rewritten and destinies changed through the love, discipleship and development of these mothers and their children.

Fast Facts:
Who: Expectant teen mothers in our community
When: August of 2020
Where: Victoria, Texas
How Much: $150,000 per year for staffing and support
Keyword: VHOP

Faith Academy Christian School

Faith Academy is a ministry of Faith Family Church and has been successfully educating students for over 30 years. It
is a fully-accredited private Christian school offering classes from preschool to 12th grade. Faith Academy is committed to partnering with families to provide a Biblically-based education in a wholesome, Christ-centered environment. Students
are not only challenged academically, but they can also enjoy participating in a number extra-curricular activities. Faith
Academy is blessed to have a caring and quality faculty that sets the tone for students to build positive friendships and deepen their faith. We are excited about helping to nurture
Fast Facts:
Who: Students of the Crossroads area
When: August - May school year
Where: Faith Academy
How Much: $125,000 of fundraising needs per year
Keyword: FA

Legacy Scholarship

Every year we like to provide this financial scholarship to a student who is diligent and dedicated to furthering their education following high school. We know higher education is
not cheap and want to applaud and support the efforts of students who are working toward a degree and profession.

Fast Facts:
Who: High School Seniors
When: June
Where: Faith Family Church
How much: $1,000
Keyword: Scholarship


How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?
Romans 10:14-15

For over 30 years, worldwide missions have been an integral part of Faith Family Church’s mission. In Acts 1, Jesus commanded the disciples to carry the Gospel to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the utter ends of the earth. Our heart is to obey that call by being a part, not only of local and national outreach, but global outreach, by partnering with established ministry partners
on multiple continents.

This desire in our pastors’ hearts began early, as they sat under the leadership of President Oral and Evelyn Roberts while attending Oral Roberts University – a University that encourages students to go where God’s light is dim and voice is heard small. Following
their time there, their heart for missions continued to grow and develop as they sat under the mentorship of both their pastor and father/father-in-love and mother/mother-in-love, Pastor John
and Dodie Osteen, who stirred in them a love for India.

Over the last decade, we as a church family have continued sowing into the salvation of India through helping establish housing for girls being rescued
from sex-trafficking; training schools to develop young Indian pastors; and resources
for those traveling to preach the gospel, risking their lives for the transformation of their nation. We have seen hundreds come to Christ and a tradition of sex-trafficking begin to be reversed through the power of the Holy Spirit and obedience of our pastors and
church family. And we believe we haven’t seen anything yet!

Beyond India, we are now having the opportunity to extend our reach to our
Jewish neighbors, providing God’s Word to hearts that are open and searching, in the wake of the uncertainty brought by COVID-19. In addition,
we’ve had the opportunity to establish ministry partners in the Middle east, as
we sow to seeing salvation and discipleship multiplied in the Arab World
and Jesus continue to be revealed. We are so grateful for the opportunity we have been given and are so thankful to you, our church family, for how you have answered the call. There are faces we may never see and names we may never hear this side of heaven – but because of you – they are lives that will forever be changed! And what a special day it’ll be when we see the lineages and legacies that have been impacted because of our acceptance to Jesus invitation. We are looking forward to continuing our yes - until the whole world know His Name! We love
you and believe the best is yet to come!

Bibles for Jewish Believers

As a result of this worldwide pandemic, God’s word has become increasingly more in demand in many of the nations of the world. One of those nations is Israel. Our Jewish friends are seriously searching for truth and crying out for the scriptures. We want to help answer that cry by purchasing Bibles for our Jewish brothers and sisters. Our prayer is that they experience Jesus as the true Messiah and enjoy all he has for them.
Fast Facts:
Who: Jewish believers
Where: Israel
How Much: $16.00 per Bible
Keyword: Bibles

Outreach to the Middle East

RUN Ministries is a USA-based charity with a passion for global holistic transformation and exists to Reach Unreached
Nations (RUN) of the world. In partnering with RUN ministries, we are able help RESCUE people from the evils of slavery,
EMPOWER leaders with training and tools, and GROW movements that impact their world for good.
Fast Facts:
Where: Arab world
Keyword: 4thman

House of Palms India

Several years ago, eight acres of land was purchased for a second House of Palms campus to be built. This land is in the
city of Mandsaur, just forty miles from our existing House of Palms campus in Neemuch. Over the past two years, a generous organization gave to build a beautiful elementary and high school building on this campus so the Banchada children
could get a quality education. Currently 148 Banchada students attend these schools at no charge while 100 students from nearby communities pay to attend. Many of the Banchada children in this area are on a waiting list to get into a House of Palms. These young men and women are still living in homes where prostitution is the sole income for their families. We want to see this community break out of the 500 year cycle of prostitution and have a new future in Christ.
Our goal is to build two more dorms on the Mandsaur property where these young men and woman can be cared for, discipled and educated for success. Two other organization have agreed to raise 2/3 of the support for these new dorms. We endeavor to supply the other 1/3 through our Legacy Builders campaign. Our cost is $147,000.

Each of these dorms will hold 100 students. Last year, Faith
Family gave funds to build a first class chapel on this property
where the students have daily devotions and the church worship

Faith Family, God has blessed our efforts and continues to
multiply what we’ve given him! Thank you for giving God what
is needed to bring freedom and fruitfulness into the lives of
these precious people.
Fast Facts:
Who: Banchada Children
What: HOP dorms – Mandsaur
Where: Mandsaur- MP India
How much? $147,000
Key Word: IHOP1

Fast Facts:
Who: Banchada Children – Neemuch
Where: House of Palms Campus – Neemuch
How Much: $80 per month per child: $6,880.
Keyword: IHOP2 – House of Palms Support

You can give to any of these projects here. Remeber to use the key word to designate your gift to the project of your choice