Through the Eyes of Jesus' Followers

Friday, April 7th: 7:00PM


Worship Service Times

Sunday, April 9th 9:00AM | 11:00AM

On Easter Sunday, we're celebrating the ultimate victory - Jesus conquering death!
This means that every believer now shares in this triumph, and it's the best news ever! Our worship team will be leading us in an wonderful Worship Service Time, and our Pastor will be delivering a powerful Easter message.

This day is our hope this side of Heaven, and we're going to celebrate it like never before! Trust us, you won't want to miss it!

Service Times 9am and 11am
Join us for a special Good Friday service where we will gather for worship, communion, and a special message from  Pastor Jim. As we remember the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, we'll also take a journey back in time and relive the events of Good Friday through the eyes of those who knew Jesus best. This service is a meaningful way to enter into the Easter weekend and reflect on the incredible love that led Jesus to lay down his life for us.

Service Time 7pm
Join us as we walk neighborhoods together to pray and invite the unchurched to Easter at Faith Family! We know that your intentional efforts last year brought SO MANY people to Christ, and we believe there are still many more who need to hear the Good News.
Your participation in this initiative will not only make a difference in the lives of those we reach but also in your own spiritual journey. Let's join hands and hearts once again and make an even bigger impact in our community this year.

We can't wait to see what God has in store, as we go out to spread the love of Christ together!
Easter Jam
Hey there, parents! It's your favorite Jesus-loving Mexican kids' pastor, Tony, and I'm feeling egg-static to invite your little ones to our Easter Jam service at ffcKids! We're egg-cited to celebrate Jesus and the true meaning of Easter with your kids!

We've got an egg-cellent lineup of worship, games, and message illustrations that are guaranteed to make your child's heart hop with joy. And speaking of eggs, don't fear! We've got plenty of Easter eggs-tra eggs to go around!

Our team has been egg-hausted working hard to make this year's Easter Jam the best one yet, and we can't wait to share it with your kids. So hop on over this Easter and join us for an egg-citing, egg-straordinary time that's sure to crack you up!
And here's a joke for you: Why did the Easter Bunny cross the road? To prove he wasn't chicken! XD

Service Times: 9am & 11am