Building on the lessons learned and the success of our efforts to reach the Bihl People, we set out to invest in another unreached people.

Located on the southern border of Madhya Pradesh lives a beautiful people who have never heard or felt the hope of the gospel. They are a tribe numbering up to 400,000 who were forced from their land in the mid-90s due to construction of the Sardar Saravor Dam. They lived as nomads for over a decade until they settled in the land and forests they now call home. Most are still farmers by profession, working daily and depending on the rain and harvest seasons to literally survive.

They have been largely cut off from civilization and keep to themselves worshipping the gods of nature and other ethnic religions. They have no priests, temples and are very superstitious and involved in witchcraft. The blindness and darkness that surrounds them are very real – but there is HOPE.
Recently, a team of brave missionaries risked their lives to make contact and live among the Pawari. Miracles and answered prayer have created an openness and curiosity that has spread among this tribe through the hundreds of remote villages.

Recognizing this opportunity, we invested in supporting twenty-five indigenous missionaries. These missionaries are working among the people to empower them through literacy education and have already reached 81 villages and have established 69 churches multiplying among their people in the last 4 years.

It takes $150.00 per month to support a church planter and his family. This amount takes care of their rent and basic family needs. In addition, it takes about $30 per month per missionary to provide the training, tools and necessary resources to establish an effective work among the Pawaris. As a church family, we made a 5-year commitment to support our missionaries.

At the end of 5 years, the work among the Pawaris will be self-supporting with possibly hundreds of new churches planted among this currently unreached people group. It’s exciting to see what can happen for God through our efforts as a church!