In 2001, we partnered with PG Vargis and the Indian Evangelical Team to begin a strategic effort to plant churches among the Bihl people. The Bihl people are the second largest people group in India. At the time of our project launch, the Bihl were listed among the most-unreached people groups in the world, with less than 1% of their population professing Christianity. The Bihl people live in a region where anti-conversion laws are enforced and Christians are heavily persecuted — including violent physical attacks and mistreatment in the court system.

In 2011, we went back to document the progress of our missions effort. Watch the inspiring story of brave
indigenous church planters and the success of the gospel taking hold in a region for the very first time:

Our outreach to the Bihl people initiated a strategy. This new missions model worked to support indigenous church planters to reach their own people. New Christians were developed and trained for ministry in a Bible school built in the region. The strategy was to provide the significant initial support necessary to create the critical mass necessary for Christianity to take root and flourish in the previously unreached region — with the goal of self-sustainability of the mission’s project within 10 years.

This initial 10-year effort has produced encouraging results. Over 700 churches have been planted and are thriving in a region that previously had never heard the name of Jesus Christ. New church planters continue to be developed in the Bible school planted in the region. New believers are continually being baptized and experiencing social uplift as they learn to live this new Christian life.

The results of this effort have inspired us to invest in new people groups. We are working to fulfill Christ’s mission to take the good news of Christ’s love to every people group in the world.