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Significant Church

The Significant Church Network exists to empower and revitalize the often historically overlooked churches of America by offering support and encouragement to the hard-working ministry leaders who serve the smaller communities of the nation.

The Significant Church Network was founded and is led by Pastor Jim Graff of Faith Family Church in Victoria, Texas.
Pastors from across the country are partnering with Pastor Jim, building the network. Many of these pastors are leading congregations that have grown to over 2% of their county's population -- a benchmark for significant, community changing impact.

Together, these visionary pastors are investing the wealth of their experience to develop churches in smaller counties across America

The Significant Church Network exist to:

  • Celebrating the significance of small county America pastors.
  • Coaching Pastors committed to increasing their skill levels.
  • Creating Helpful Resources equipping church leaders to reach their communities.
  • Connecting Like Hearted Leaders who care about God's work being done well in overlooked places.
  • Church Planting in small county America


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