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The Banchada People - Grace Empowered Giving

But just as you excel in everything - in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your lovefor us - see that you also excel in this grace of giving.
2 Corinthians 8:7

The People

As a church family we have recently adopted the Banchada people group, who reside in the state of Madhy Pradesh, India. This state alone has 9.5% of an unreached population living in it. As of now, there are only six believers among the Banchada people whose rural villages are near the larger cities of Nimach, Mansaur, and Ratiam.

The Banchadas have a 500 year history of sex trafficking that takes place within their own communities. Their culture believes that the oldest daughter's purpose is to be groomed for prostitution in order to provide income for their families. As a result of this practice, half of the Banchada women and many of the children carry the HIV virus.

Here is a look at the history culture of the Banchada People courtesy of Dutch broadcasting. 

The Need

Today, the greatest need is to provide a place of care for the most desperate cases of these women and children affected by the HIV virus. Our hope is to add a 5,000 square foot building to the existing Indore ministry complex. It will house 100 of these women and children.

In this home, they will receive excellent medical care, education and job training as well as daily Bible teaching and discipleship in a loving environment. Non-conversion laws present a great opportunity to share God's love and truth. As these women and children discover the life-changing power of the Gospel, they can take it back to their communities and see them transformed. How exciting that we can have a part in this! 

The Cost

The cost of the 5,000 square foot home is $100,000. The additional cost of furniture, equipment, medical supplies and staffing for three years is another $100,000, making the total cost of $200,000.

The Gift

Would you be a part of helping us reach these precious Banchada people? Would you pray about allowing God to use you to give a grace gift over the next year? We are the only church who has targeted this community, but we believe that together we can see an entire people group redeemed by the power of the Gospel.


Learn more about what Grace-Empowered Giving is here.