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House of Palms

The People

Not long ago, our church family adopted the Banchada people group, who reside in the state of Madhy Pradesh, India. This state alone has 9.5% of the world’s unreached population living in it. However, the Banchada tribe was different than any we’d ever come across before.

This particular tribe has a 500 year history of sexual exploitation that takes place within their own communities.  Their culture believes that the oldest daughter's purpose is to be given in prostitution in order to provide income for their families. The girls are groomed and prepared for this job at a very young age. Sadly,  half of the Banchada women involved in this work carry the HIV virus. 

Although this tradition is rooted deeply in the culture and economy of the Banchada people… it IS beginning to change.    

The Work

Several years ago, we found and begin to support several brave missionaries who were passionate about bringing the gospel to this tribe. They begin by building relationships among the Banchadas through various acts of kindness. They developed children’s clubs and self-help groups within the community to train women in leadership, finances and business.

After seeing how well these missionaries were received by the Banchada community, we felt it was time to focus on bringing change to the precious women who have been the target of the enemy’s oppression for five centuries. And our church family was on board.

Faith Family Church, through our Grace Empowered Giving campaign, generously gave to purchase land and build a furnished 5,000 square foot home for these Banchada women. We call it the House of Palms. Today there are fifty young women whose parents have given them written permission to live there until they are 18 years old.

These young ladies are being nurtured, taught the Christian faith and educated well. By the time they leave the House of Palms, they will have gained the skill and education required to earn a living equal to what they would make in prostitution. We believe the House of Palms is the beginning of a culture change and spiritual breakthrough for the Banchada community.

The Future

Word has gotten out about the House of Palms, and now there is a growing waiting list of girls eager to be a part. The Banchada people are embracing our desire to better their community. In 2016, we will add another floor to the House of Palms, which will enable us to take 50 more girls. In the future, our desire is to see four more similar homes built in this community of 100,000 people.

Faith Family is thrilled to be a part of seeing an entire people group redeemed by God through our faithful love, prayers and generosity.