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Local Missions

God told us to be his witness and preach the Good News to those in Jerusalem. Our Jerusalem is Victoria, Texas and the surrounding area which is where we have partnered with local missions and projects desiring to impact our community for God in a huge way!

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National Missions

After God said to reach Jerusalem, he told us to go out to Judea and Samaria - the surrounding areas. We have partnered with ministries nationwide -our surrounding area- which allows us to bring the Good News to those who are close but not always close enough for us to have the same hands on impact that we have in Victoria - but God can!

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International Missions

God told us to spread his Good News to the ends of the earth as we go forth and make disciples of Him. We love being partnered with ministries world wide to hear what God is doing through our brothers and sisters in their homes thousands of miles away and getting to be a part of His larger plan for all of humanity!

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Significant Church

The Significant Church Network exists to empower and revitalize the often historically overlooked churches of America by offering support and encouragement to the hard-working ministry leaders who serve the smaller communities of the nation.

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