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Stories of Thanks

Stories of Thanks


The early pilgrims thanked God for all the things He had provided for them in their new home of America. Today, we continue this tradition of Thanksgiving with turkey, football games and most importantly, giving thanks to God.

Together we'll celebrate the incredible and life-changing work God is doing among us as we hear true stories of God's grace from members of our church family. This touching service has become a tradition we look forward to each year as we take a moment and remember that we truly have much to be thankful for.

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Stories of Thanks
Jim Graff 11-19-17
Stories of Thanks
Jim Graff 11-20-16
Stories of Thanks
Jim Graff 11-22-15
Stories of Thanks 2014
Jim Graff 11-23-14
Stories of Thanks 2013
Jim Graff 11-24-13