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In the world we live in, where the pressure to “fit in” and to be “normal” prevails, we can either conform to the world around us, or have the courage to stand out.

In each life situation, we have a choice. We can follow the crowd, the easy way out; or, we can do what's necessary - dare to see and seize our best life!

In our new 5-part series, “Shine,” Pastor Jim will give us insight to do what's needed.

Now, more than ever, it's your time to SHINE!

Sermons From This Series Speaker Date Downloads Actions
How Well We LISTEN Matters
Tamara Graff 09-25-16
What We Do FAITHFULLY Matters
Jim Graff 09-18-16
What We DO NOW Matters
Jim Graff 09-11-16
What We See Matters
Jim Graff 09-04-16
What We Believe Matters
Jim Graff 08-28-16